The future success of banks will be determined by how well they respond to themes. Themes (which cover categories including technology, political events, or indeed, a pandemic) evolve in fast and unpredictable ways, and can blindside executives.

Firms that invest in the right themes and adapt to unexpected ones become successes, while those that miss big disruptive themes find themselves fighting against the tide – and more often than not end up failing.

The first in-person summit & awards offers delegates the opportunity to explore the key industry themes impacting the MENA financial sector.

A curated audience of senior leaders from across the banking industry in the MENA region will be invited to discuss ESG, Health & Wealth, Super Apps, Data Privacy, IoT, Open Banking, toolkits for customer engagement, security and more.

Through case-studies and peer-to-peer discussion delegates will be presented with a thought-provoking showcase of the technologies, partnerships and strategies differentiating those banks that succeed from those that fail.